Windows update does Outlook Search dirty | Ultimatepocket

Windows update does Outlook Search dirty | Ultimatepocket

Windows update KB5008212 has brought with it the unintended side effect of effectively borking Outlook Search for some users. And while Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, it’s yet to issue a proper fix.

You can read the full details over at Microsoft’s blog post on the issue. In it, the company says, “after you install update KB5008212, recent emails may not appear in search results.”

However, as of Friday afternoon, January 7 2022, the only solution provided by the Windows maker is to employ a workaround that involves disabling Windows Desktop Search. You’re going to have to do a little registry modification, which Microsoft outlines how to do in its post, but even so, there’s a reason many users don’t like to mess with the registry.

Microsoft claims it will update the aforementioned blog post “when more information becomes available,” though there’s no ETA on when that will be. You can check said blog every so often if you want to be the first to find out when the company will issue a proper fix (or keep checking back here).

Outlook and Windows are not the only Microsoft products causing trouble for some people. In recent news, Skype’s account creation Captcha requirements have been sending folks on wild goose chases, eliciting a predominantly negative reception from the community.

And, on top of that, a recent update to the Windows 11 Photos app’s editor has removed a few features many users liked, paving the way for more contention when it comes to Redmond’s stable of products.

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