A suspected developer of Trickbot malware was deported from South Korea to the US to attend trials

A suspected developer of Trickbot malware was deported from South Korea to the US to attend trials

A suspected Trickbot gang member was deported from South Korea to the US to attend his initial appearance in the federal court. Vladimir Dunaev is a 38-year-old Russian national who is questioned about being a part of the Trickbot threat group that manages the malware’s execution. He is also suspected of being the developer of known browser modifications and helps conceal the malware from being detected by any security software.

According to a deputy attorney general of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Trickbot malware attacks organisations worldwide and infects millions of computers to trigger data breaches or ransom operations. Organisations prone to be attacked include municipal governments, banks, schools, healthcare institutions, agriculture sectors, and energy.

Trickbot is a computer banking Trojan and a malware suite used for web injections and keystroke logging to steal bank account credentials such as credit card numbers, emails, birthdays, passwords, addresses, and social security numbers.

Reports said that the Trickbot gang had furthered its network by partnering up with two new distribution affiliates. Around October of this year, Trickbot had topped the September Global Threat Index by being the most dominant malware.

Vladimir Dunaev was first reported as a Russian national stranded in South Korea because of the pandemic’s restrictions, and his passport has also expired. After a year of his passport renewal, Dunaev attempted to fly out of South Korea but was arrested at the airport because the US had requested repatriation against him.

The deported Russian national is a part of the Trickbot operation as a web browser developer back in Russia. But upon trials, he denied being involved in cybercrime when he was employed.

From his statement on the Seoul High Court, the operation manual provided for Dunaev was not under any malicious software. Dunaev’s lawyer also expressed his intention to fight the US’ extradition attempt because they believe the Russian national is being prosecuted unjustly.

Dunaev and other members of the Trickbot operation were accused of stealing money and confidential data from people, schools, financial firms, government entities, utility companies, and private organisations around November 2015 to August 2020.

The Russian national is filed with several criminal charges, including conspiracies of committing computer fraud, money laundering, identity theft, and wire and bank fraud. If proved guilty, Dunaev will be imprisoned for a maximum of 60 years.

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