Lidl and Guardia Civil in Spain warn of Black Friday phishing scam | Sur in English

Lidl and Guardia Civil in Spain warn of Black Friday phishing scam | Sur in English

The proximity of Black Friday is flooding the market with offers. But Spain’s Guardia Civil has warned consumers to aware of bargains that are too good be true.

The police force is reminding buyers to be aware of scams that can draw them into a net of deception and fraud that could, ultimately, leave them out of pocket.

Specifically, the Guardia Civil has taken to its Twitter social media account to warn about a scam involving the popular Lidl kitchen robot ‘Monsieur Cuisine’, which was withdrawn from the market in Spain after a well-publicised court ruling.

Detectada campaña de publicidad fraudulenta en rrss suplantando a Lidl. Redirige a web fraudulenta (#phishing) bajo la excusa de venta de robots de cocina a 1,99€ por el #BlackFriday que solicita datos personales y bancarios para la compra…

Guardia Civil 🇪🇸 (@guardiacivil)

The fraudulent campaign doing the rounds supplants the identity of the German supermarket chain and, with the excuse of the Black Friday campaign, announces an offer of 1.99 euros for a kitchen robot. The advertisement on social media networks the redirects the user to a website that requests personal and bank details for the alleged purchase of the robot, but what it hides is a subscription to a service that costs 33 euros every 14 days.

The fake offer was originally detected on Facebook, although it is not ruled out that may find its way onto other social networks or arrive via email.

The Lidl kitchen robot ‘Monsieur Cuisine’ was withdrawn from the market in Spain after a court ruling about the infringement of a patent registered by the leading company in the segment: Vorwerk, manufacturer of the porpular Thermomix. Taking advantage of this information, which was widely reported in the media, the architects of the scam claim that Lidl is marketing the excess stock of Monsieur Cuisine Connect at a token price.


1. No tenemos promociones de electrodomésticos a 1,99€.

2. Todas nuestras comunicaciones las realizamos en nuestros canales oficiales.

3. Identifica nuestros perfiles sociales por el tick azul de verificación.

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