How to detect malware on an airgapped Ubuntu 20.04 laptop?

How to detect malware on an airgapped Ubuntu 20.04 laptop?

Because of the nature of the work I do, I have been using an air gapped laptop, with OS Ubuntu 20.04. Unfortunately, I recently inserted an infected USB stick (that I had used on a public network) into my laptop. While the USB stick was plugged in, I could see that a strange download was in progress (on the download icon of Ubuntu 20.04), even though I did not give such a command and even though I am working on a laptop that has the Wifi and Bluetooth module removed, is not plugged in but is working on a battery. I noticed the download through the download icon on Ubuntu 20.04, which is a circle that fills up when you move a large file from your hard drive to the USB stick and vice versa. In addition, the red light on my USB stick was flickering, which it only does when a command is in progress, yet I did not issue a command. I would like to know if I transferred a virus or malware from the infected USB stick to my airgapped laptop and to the OS.

As I am not a coder, I wonder if I can at all detect the possible presence of malware via the terminal and what code I would have to enter? Does pernicious malware persist even after a reinstallation of Ubuntu 20.04? Can I detect if there has been an exfiltration of my data (LibreOffice docs and PDFs)? I have the UFW on, but how do I need to configure the UFW to prevent data leakage? I would rather not hook up my airgap to the internet to scan it with anti-malware.

Thanks for the feed-back.

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