Clipgrab App and Malware Suspicions

Clipgrab App and Malware Suspicions

Clipgrab is the name of an application available both for Windows and macOS. The intended purpose of Clipgrab is to allow users to download videos from online streaming sites. This functionality alone goes against the terms of service of a lot of those websites. However, this is not the main issue with Clipgrab.

The way the installer of Clipgrab has been made is problematic. The installer package for Clipgrab has been put together with installCore. installCore is the name of a content distribution platform that is widely flagged as a potentially unwanted program by many anti-malware products on the market. Windows Defender, the core OS-level security component of Windows 10, also classifies installCore as a potentially unwanted program.

In fact, if you go to the Clipgrab website and attempt to download the installer, you will find its name is “clipgrab-3.9.7-dotinstaller.exe”. The download of this file from the official Clipgrab is flagged as a malicious and unwanted file by Google Chrome’s own internal security.

Trying to download the installer on a Chrome browser blocks the download automatically and displays a message that this file ‘is dangerous so chrome has blocked it’.

Respected computer hardware and software website, Tom’s Guide, described the Mac version of installCore, the problematic component of the Clipgrab installer, as “full-blown malware”.

With all of this in mind, you would be better off if you steer clear of Clipgrab, both because of the significant threat of getting malicious and unwanted files on your computer, as well as for legal and copyright purposes, related to the terms of service that bind users of video streaming sites.

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